Direct Paddy Seeder

How is the yield?

Yield depends upon many factor such as seed quality, soil fertility, water management, weed management, pest management etc.
Yield can not be decided only by the seeding equipment. However in the same given condition, when cono weeder is used at least 3 times for every 10 days from the day of sowing, then yield would be at least 10% higher than the normal yield.

How Many Seeders Can be Loaded in a Truck?

In one truck with 24 feet length and 8 feet height, 300 seeders can be loaded.  In one 20 feet container 180 seeders can be loaded.

How to assemble a seeder?

1. Join three square shafts together.
2. Insert the wheel at one end of the shaft and tighten the end with wing bolt.
3. Insert one seed drum at other end of the shaft.
4. Insert the white holder followed by two seed drums, white holder and wheel.
5. Tighten the end of the shaft with wing bolt.
6. Assemble the handle.
7. Kindly refer the photograph of the seeder while assembling to understand easily.

How to prepare seed?

Soaking : Soak the seed in gunny bag in water for 24 hours.
Incubation : Keep the gunny bag with seed for 12 to 24 hours in wet condition.
Drying : Dry the seed in open air for few minutes, so that entire water if removed. Then load the seed drum with pre germinated paddy seed,

How to prepare the field?

Field should be leveled perfectly. There should not be any water at the time of sowing. Excess water should be drained out completely. If there is water in the field while sowing, then seeds will float and line sowing will be disturbed.

Transplantation Vs Direct Seeding

More tillering in direct seeding than transplantation. Because of line sowing weeding with cono weeder is possible Strong stems in direct seeding

What About Maintenance & Spare Parts?

KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder is made up of plastic materials. Hence the normal life of plastics are ensured for this seeder. It should be cleaned thoroughly and stored after use.
No Maintenance Required
No Spare Parts Required
No Service Required

What About Warranty/Guarantee?

No. There is no mechanism involved in the machine. Its simply made up of plastic materials. There is a simple handle to pull along and there is a centre shaft to fix the seed drums. There is no warranty/guarantee.

What are the Main Advantages of Rice Seeder?

1) Labor cost of sowing is reduced drastically
2) Seed rate is reduced. Only 25 Kg per hectare is required
3) Uniformity in seed sowing and plant population
4) Crop matures 10 days earlier
5) Light in weight. Very easy to pull in wetland field
6) One person can cover 1 hectare per day

Will the Leg Impressions Create Problem?

No the leg impressions will be in between two rows. This will not create any problem. There is no need to close the small depressions. At the time of first weeding with cono weeder this is removed.